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The region is classified as “emergency”, according to UN monitors, one step short of famine.

In the small village of Derela, cattle herders come from far for aid.

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Although Puerto Vallarta is known as a popular tourist destination, the kidnappers did not take any travelers or residents of the area.

Almaguer said in a news conference on Monday that authorities can be safe in presuming that the victims were tied to criminal activity.

The elder Guzman, at the time one of the most wanted criminals in the world, was captured by authorities earlier this year when they successfully tracked the drug kingpin after his meeting with actor Sean Penn for a Rolling Stone interview.

Derela - Stuck on a track in eastern Ethiopia, trucks carrying food for the starving are forced to turn back.

After one of the worst droughts for decades, the rains have finally arrived, but now only add to the complication of the delivery of food aid.

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