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FEELS LIKE VISITING THE GARDEN OF EDEN, SANS FIG LEAFS First, the damage report: A weeklong visit to Europe's premier family naturist resort, including airfare (from Chicago), meals lodging and transfers set me back $2400.00. Your take-away from this paragraph should be: Family resorts are fine for singles too.

Europe by far has a much better grip on the whole nudism thing (Gerald is preparing a piece on the generally poor condition of American nudist resorts - look for it).

Hopefully, like a pilgrim to Mecca, it will become an annual, rejuvenating event that I'll look forward to all year (in a life-sustaining way). I was frankly very disappointed by a visit to a resort here in the states, and thought I'd be more pleased by a visit to where nudism planted its roots.

I wanted the full-immersion experience of a 24/7 naturism camp for all-ages, and was content to engage it as a solo traveler, free to wander and roam where I pleased.

Fortunately there was a singles contingent (generally younger than I), but I wasn't traveling for romance.

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