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Anyway, she came up with a daring plan to complete the operation and save Carson. and 8 Other Shows Renewed at ABC ‘THE TIME FOR PULLING BONE-HEADED STUNTS IS LONG PAST’ | Ben took it upon himself to perform emergency surgery in the psych ward (! By the time Spencer got Richard there, Ben was slicing into the man using — good God! Upon making it to the OR, Richard tore Ben a new one. And, after initially blowing him off, she had a change of heart and gave him her cell number.

“Avery,” she barked, “let’s go see a leg about a femur! “You did not show skill today,” he said, “you showed bravado.” And bravado in a hospital can be damned dangerous. “Shut up,” she pleaded to her friends as they all left Bauer.

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, Meredith, Jackson, Callie, Bailey and Jo were recruited by a Col.

Miller to visit Bauer Medical, a military hospital, and throw a Hail Mary pass to save the life of a veteran with a monster of a tumor.

There was just one problem (well, besides the tumor, obviously).

Though Owen had forewarned the Grey Sloan docs to be on their best behavior, no one had given the same instruction to the patient’s regular oncologist, Major Will Thorpe (Scott Elrod, late of The Young and the Restless).

Mind you, it was hard to blame him for being pissed: Not only hadn’t he gotten the memo that outsiders were being brought in, he also wasn’t in the slightest inclined to let “the dream team” use poor Sgt.

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